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Employees, Employers, and Temporary Lay Offs

The law concerning temporary lay offs of non unionized employees is complicated.  Often I find that employees subject to a lay off, do not know their legal rights.  I am writing this blog post to help clarify a few points. First, absent an agreement to the contrary, an employer has no right to place an employee on a temporary lay...

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Harassment and Sexual Harassment In the Workplace

Employers have a legal duty to provide employees with a harassment free workplace.  This legal duty includes acts of harassment committed by employees against another employee, agents of the employer, and even customers of the employer.  Often victims of harassment, including sexual harassment, are blamed for the acts of such...

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Common Law Relationships: Constructive Trust and Unjust Enrichment

In its decision of Kerr v. Baranow, the Supreme Court of Canada held that, upon the breakdown of the relationship, unmarried persons cohabiting in a common law relationship may have a claim for family property pursuant to the law of unjust enrichment.  Indeed, this decision represents a step forward for unmarried cohabiting spouses...

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