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We understand that going through a separation is a highly emotional and difficult time. We are here to help by providing you with results-oriented legal advice and guidance tailored to your personal circumstances.

In our initial consultation, we will:

Our team is experienced in all aspects of family law and we will guide you through your family matter by providing sound legal advice and guidance throughout. Our areas of practice include but are not limited to the following:

Custody and Access

The goal in any family law matter is to seek a final resolution of all issues in a timely and cost effective manner...

Child Support

In Ontario, there are specific circumstances in which one parent must pay child support to the other parent for children of their relationship or marriage...

Spousal Support

The law of spousal support is intended to relieve economic disadvantage suffered in the breakdown of a relationship ….

Division of Property

Typically, upon separation, married spouses have a half interest in all property accumulated by the parties from the date of marriage to the date of separation...

Divorce or Annulment

In Ontario, either married spouse may commence an Application to the Superior Court of Justice seeking a divorce. However, before applying for a divorce, you must seek independent legal advice...

Mobility and Moving with Children

If one parent proposes to move with the children, this may have a serious and profound impact on the other parent’s access time with the children...

Variation Proceedings

Your separation may be finalized by a Separation Agreement or a Court Order. However, there may be circumstances that require you to seek a change to the parenting schedule or support arrangements...

Enforcement of Orders

After you have obtained a final Court Order in your matter, you may need to take further steps to enforce it. This will likely not apply in the instance of child support or spousal support Court Orders...

Practice Areas


For clients seeking representation to seek a final resolution to their family law matter through lawyer assisted negotiation in order to work towards a Separation Agreement


For clients seeking to resolve their family matter on consent. All issues arising upon the separation of the parties can be drafted into a legal contract called a Separation Agreement.


For clients who are in need of seeking resolution through the traditional Ontario Court system by commencing an Application or responding to an Application in order to seek Court Orders and finality in their matter.


For clients seeking to resolve their family matter with the assistance of a neutral third party mediator.


For clients who are unable to settle their dispute but still seeking a full and final settlement of their family matter outside the traditional Court system. The parties select a neutral third party Arbitrator to hear their matter and make final decisions which are binding on the parties.


For clients seeking independent legal advice with respect to a Separation Agreement, Cohabitation Agreement, or Marriage Contract.


For clients seeking independent legal advice with respect to a Separation Agreement, Cohabitation Agreement, or Marriage Contract.

We provide clients cost effective legal advice and guidance based on our experience in family law. This is where legal practice meets a compassionate approach to family law.

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