Passing of Accounts

The role of an Estate Trustee, Power of Attorney, or Guardian of Property attracts a high level of scrutiny. This is because an Estate Trustee, Power of Attorney, and Guardians are all considered to be fiduciaries and are held to very high standards.

Increasingly, Estate Trustees, Power of Attorneys, and Guardians are held to formally account for their actions. This formal accounting often takes the form of a Passing of Accounts in Court. In a Passing of Accounts, a fiduciary is obliged to account for any and all acts and omissions he or she has taken in respect of the deceased or incapable persons property, assets, and debts. A high level of detailed disclosure is required in a Passing of Accounts as set out in the Rules of Civil Procedure.

There are processes and procedures which are mandatory as well as best practice guidelines for a fiduciary to follow.

We can assist you with the preparation and representation required in your Passing of Accounts.

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